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Protesters torch Buddhist temples in Bangladesh

COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh - Hundreds of Muslims in Bangladesh burned at least four Buddhist temples and 15 homes of Buddhists on Sunday after complaining that a Buddhist man had insulted Islam, police and residents said.

Members of the Buddhist minority in the Cox's Bazar area in the southeast of the country said unidentified people were bent on upsetting peaceful relations between Muslims and Buddhists.

Muslims took to the streets in the area late on Saturday to protest against what they said was a photograph posted on Facebook that insulted Islam.

The protesters said the picture had been posted by a Buddhist, and they marched to Buddhist villages and set fire to temples and houses.

Police said they had deployed extra security forces and banned gatherings in Buddhist-dominated areas.

"We brought the situation under control before dawn and imposed restrictions on public gatherings," said Salim Mohammad Jahangir, district police superintendent for Cox's Bazar.

Many people in predominantly Muslim Bangladesh have been angered in recent days by a film made in California that mocked the Prophet.

Home Minister Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir described the attacks on temples as a "premeditated and deliberate attempt" to disrupt harmony.

Alamgir also promised to rebuild the Buddhist monasteries and temples, and compensate those whose houses were torched.

Muslims in Bangladesh and beyond have also been outraged by violence over the border in Myanmar where members of the majority Buddhist community clashed with minority Muslims this year.

Police had escorted the man accused of posting the insulting photograph and his mother to safety, police superintendent Jahangir said.

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Sohel Sarwar Kajal, the Muslim head of the council in the area where the arson took place, said he was trying to restore communal peace.

"We are doing everything possible to quell tension and restore peace between the communities," he told reporters.

Over 100 Buddhists staged a silent protest in the capital Dhaka on Sunday afternoon against the attacks on their temples, witnesses said.

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Google Field Trip serves as a tour guide on your mobile phone

11 hrs.

Google's new Field Trip app is a virtual local tour guide that's always running in the background. It pops up interesting local information???from local history and architecture to the best restaurants and shopping???without you having to ask for it.

After you choose whether you want just occasional notifications or frequent ones, Field Trip runs quietly in the background, looking for anything notable around you. The app pulls in information from a ton of sources, including Zagat and Eater in the food and drinks category; Architizer for architecture; and The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations and Atlas Obscura for unique (and possibly bizarre) finds.

When it finds something, Field Trip notifies you with a ringtone and/or vibration. It can even read the title and description to you. View the event, place, or thing on a map and read more about it within the app. You can also choose to get more or fewer notifications from individual sources.

The Android?app has a really pleasant interface and definitely encourages you to step out and go explore (as the video above suggests). Google says the app is like having a local friend with you as you explore a city. You can download this virtual friend on Google Play now; an iOS version is coming soon.?

NOTE:?If Google Play?says?your phone is incompatible, it might not really be. I got the incompatibility warning too on my Galaxy S2, but was able to download it directly from the phone and it works!

Field Trip?| on?Google Play?via?The New York Times

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THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS: Free advice to filmmakers

THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS: Free advice to filmmakers skip to main | skip to sidebar

Free advice to filmmakers

  • WES ANDERSON: make a movie with only 3 characters in it
  • PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON: allow your characters the possibility of change
  • MARTIN SCORSESE: make a (fictional) movie about your parents
  • STEVEN SPIELBERG: make more star vehicles
  • ANG LEE: keep doing what you're doing
  • DAVID O. RUSSELL: ditto
  • BEN AFFLECK: stop acting in your movies
  • DAVID FINCHER: act in someone else's movie
  • SOFIA COPPOLA: adapt a fifties spy novel, nouvelle vague style
  • DARREN ARONOFSKY: make a big flop, to work on your compassion
  • QUENTIN TARANTINO: write something that comes in under 100 minutes
  • STEVEN SODERBERGH: make a biopic of a (closeted) gay film star
  • JAMES CAMERON: leave Avatars 2 and 3 to someone else
  • MICHAEL MANN: make a war movie (maybe Napoleonic) involving lots of tactics
  • STEPHEN FREARS: make another movie set in America
  • TIM BURTON: ... maybe something for Pixar?
  • TERRENCE MALICK: collaborate with an Oscar-nominated screenwriter
  • DAVID LYNCH: just make another goddam movie



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AP Exclusive: Brown did service at his old daycare

This Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012 photo shows Tappahannock Children's Center administrator, Ina Minter, removing coats from the front of a mural painted by rapper Chris Brown as part of his community service at the center in Tappahannock, Va. Brown has logged more than 1,400 hours of community service for the 2009 beating of former girlfriend Rihanna, basically completing his sentence. The Associated Press has learned one-third of those hours were recorded at Tappahannock Children's Center, a rural Virginia daycare center where the singer spent time as a child and his mother once served as director. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

This Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012 photo shows Tappahannock Children's Center administrator, Ina Minter, removing coats from the front of a mural painted by rapper Chris Brown as part of his community service at the center in Tappahannock, Va. Brown has logged more than 1,400 hours of community service for the 2009 beating of former girlfriend Rihanna, basically completing his sentence. The Associated Press has learned one-third of those hours were recorded at Tappahannock Children's Center, a rural Virginia daycare center where the singer spent time as a child and his mother once served as director. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

This Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012 photo shows Tappahannock Children's Center in Tappahannock, Va. Chris Brown has logged more than 1,400 hours of community service for the 2009 beating of former girlfriend Rihanna, basically completing his sentence. The Associated Press has learned one-third of those hours were recorded at Tappahannock Children's Center, a rural Virginia daycare center where the singer spent time as a child and his mother once served as director. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

FILE - In this Feb. 12, 2012 file photo, Chris Brown performs during the 54th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Brown?s community service records have come under the scrutiny by a prosecutor and a judge, who are trying to ascertain their accuracy. He was required to perform community service after the 2009 beating of former girlfriend, Rihanna. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles, File)

(AP) ? Chris Brown has logged more than 1,400 hours of community service for the 2009 beating of former girlfriend Rihanna, basically completing his sentence. The Associated Press has learned one-third of those hours were recorded at a rural Virginia daycare center where the singer spent time as a child and his mother once served as director.

And in the last seven months, an AP analysis of the work records indicates Brown's labor credits increased by four times from what they had been during the previous two years. Yet through it all, Brown hasn't stopped being an R&B superstar, performing worldwide, releasing an album and even getting injured in a nightclub brawl.

Brown's service records have come under scrutiny by a prosecutor and a judge, who are trying to ascertain their accuracy. At a Monday hearing, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg called the accounting of Brown's community service by Richmond, Va., Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood "somewhat cryptic."

No specific concerns were detailed by the court, yet the AP analysis of Brown's service shows that in the past seven months, the artist has been credited for working 701 hours ? a feat that previously took him 28 months to achieve, clocking sporadic, shorter shifts mostly at Richmond police and fire stations.

In recent months, the logs show Brown has essentially been working three jobs ? performing cleanup duty in Richmond police precincts by day, janitorial chores at the daycare 45 miles east by night, and hit songs for global audiences in between.

Ida Minter, the administrator of the Tappahannock Children's Center, said Brown attended the nonprofit facility "off and on" for more than 12 years and his mother was employed there for 24 years, including as director.

Brown's community service at the center began in January 2010, but work entries dramatically increased in March of this year. Most of his shifts were logged between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. and were typically listed as "general cleaning," with some entries describing him painting or stripping and waxing floors. It is unclear who supervised him.

Brown's attorney Mark Geragos said Monday that he welcomed inquiries from Los Angeles probation officials and said he urged Brown to work double shifts so the lawyer wouldn't have to keep coming back to court.

Minter described Brown's work at the daycare center favorably.

"I think Chris always goes beyond because he always wants to give back to where he grew up," she told the AP. "And this was a part of his home because his mom worked here full-time."

"If you've ever been involved in stripping and waxing, it's hard," she said. "It's a lot of work."

Minter said Brown was always accompanied by someone while working at the center, but she said she couldn't discuss who it was.

The singer, who pleaded guilty to felony assault in June 2009, only worked at night and on weekends when no children were present, Minter said. That is supported by the logs, which also showed that Brown only worked one other weekend shift that wasn't at the daycare center.

Brown has been undeniably busy in recent months, releasing his new album "Fortune," traveling to France for a video shoot, winning a Grammy Award, performing at other award shows and resuming his friendship and music collaboration with Rihanna.

He has also drawn negative attention for being present at a bottle-throwing brawl at a New York City nightclub that left him with a cut chin. And in February, a woman in Miami accused him of taking her cellphone to prevent her from snapping pictures of him.

It was after that incident that Brown, 23, accelerated his work schedule, completing the 701 hours in seven months, according to the records filed Monday.

Meanwhile, the singer has remained an active promoter of his work on Twitter, where he sends out almost daily links to his music and clothing line, and also interacts with fans.

His international travel, which must be approved by Schnegg, has somehow been squeezed around his marathon community service sessions.

In July, for instance, Brown is listed as working 42 hours in four days before leaving for France. Upon his return, he worked 12 consecutive days, logging 164 hours, 100 of which were at the daycare described in Norwood's log as "Tappa Day Care."

March was similarly busy, with Brown being credited for work on 20 of the month's 30 days; he was approved to travel to Cancun, Mexico, for five of the remaining days.

Before this week, Brown had received praise from Schnegg and had never been in danger of violating his probation. But that could change if the inquiry the judge ordered turns up irregularities with the singer's service.

Schnegg allowed Brown to perform his work in his home state of Virginia under the supervision of Norwood, but on Monday noted there are discrepancies in the chief's accounting.

For one, Brown's work log shows he has put in 1,402 hours, but a couple of errors in the data may push the total up to 1,404. And although Brown was sentenced to perform 1,440 hours of labor, the chief wrote in a letter dated Sept. 14 that Brown had completed all his service hours.

Norwood's spokesman declined to respond to questions from the AP on the discrepancies. "Chief Norwood has reported directly to the judge, providing periodic updates regarding the progress of Chris Brown's community service," spokesman Gene Lepley said.

Prosecutors "are not happy with the quality of the report," Schnegg said Monday. "They don't know if it's reliable, yes or no."

District Attorney's spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said the office would make all its comments on the case in court.

The judge and prosecution aren't the only ones concerned about the administration of Brown's sentence. In August, Virginia probation authorities recommended that Richmond police stop supervising Brown after the singer tested positive for marijuana and what they believed was unapproved travel to France. However, they made no critical comments about his community service.

Geragos, Brown's attorney, declined comment for this story, but he said at Monday's court hearing that he believes his client has completed all his community service.

Brown's labors have left a lasting mark at the Tappahannock Children's Center: a colorful wall mural featuring a huge clown face and splashes of purple, orange, green and yellow. The words "Big Room" ? the informal name of the large space amid a warren of smaller classrooms ? is painted in fat letters along a wall where jackets are hung on hooks.

Brown approached Minter, who has known Brown since his birth, to ask if he could use his art skills on the walls of the big room, she said.

The singer is not the only celebrity to perform community service with an entity to which they have close ties. Mel Gibson and Sean Penn had similar arrangements.

Both actors had received permission in advance for the assignments in misdemeanor cases. Before Monday's filings, there had been no mention of Brown working at his boyhood daycare center in probation reports.


Steve Szkotak reported from Richmond, Va.


Anthony McCartney can be reached at .

Associated Press


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Computers You Need A Budget (YNAB)! - ChiefsPlanet

We're YNAB users too. We got YNAB3 in 2009 when they offered a discounted price to a bunch of us on the We're Debt Free board (a Dave Ramsey spin-off) on

I bought YNAB in November, used it for about 6 weeks before it really "clicked" and then we were off and running. I started up a new budget with the new year and have been happily budgeting since. I personally incorporate YNAB's budgeting ideas and mentaility into Dave Ramsey's living debt-free plan and it works well for us. We've paid off about $26k in debt, which is great considering my husband has been laid off more than half of the past 3 years.

For most people, YNAB does take a few weeks or so to "get". It's hard learning to not look at your bank account and think "I have xxx amount of money leftover to spend". With YNAB you give every dollar a job. So when you get paid, every single penny of that paycheck is budgeted towards something, be it your mortgage, your phone bill, your savings, or your video game fund. You can set up sinking funds for things that you know you'll need to buy or spend money on in the future. For example, I know that I have to renew my tags every August. So instead of coming up with the $200 every August (random number), I can put about $17 a month aside into the tags category and come August, it's all there ready to be paid out.

I love YNAB. I really do.


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PHOTO GALLERY: Football Friday night across Aiken County:

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How To Treat Oily Skin ? Oily Skin Treatment Tips

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Cure Oily skinDoes your skin look and feel extra greasy and shiny ever so often? Do you find large pores on your face or does your face break out into acne, pimples and blemishes frequently? And if you are wondering why the painstakingly applied make-up wears off quickly every time you apply it, you may have to turn to your skin tone for the answer.

Tips To Treat Oily Skin

Why Is Your Skin Oily?

The human skin produces oil called sebum to protect itself, and well, in your case, the production is probably on the higher side. Heredity, abnormal hormone levels, especially at reaching puberty, are all known to cause oily skin tones. Some fatty foods can also trigger your oil glands to produce extra oil.

Keep Your Skin Clean

The best way to take care of oily skin is to keep it clean. Open your shelf and take a second look at the products that you use on your skin. Some of those lotions and cleansers may probably aggravate the damage done to your skin.

Be careful with your selection of a cleansing product since some cleansers can make the skin drier making it produce even more oil than usual. The best way to pick a product for your skin type is to consult a dermatologist. The general rule of the thumb is that when you find a product that suits your skin, stick with it.

Treat oily skin

Wash your skin twice or thrice a day using a good cleansing formula. Start with a mild cleanser and use lukewarm water that is known to minimize skin oil, rather than cold or steaming-hot water. Apply an anti bacterial lotion to keep the acne under control.

If you are the one who loves your facials, make sure to instruct your beautician to give you a treatment that does not include oil-enhancing ingredients. Or you could try using clarifying masks for your face at least twice a week. Some non-alcohol astringents also help keep surface oil in check. But ensure that you don?t use the astringent more than once a day as over use can end up eliminating all the necessary oils from your skin. Certain aromatherapy oils like rosemary, lemon and cedar wood are used as popular oily skin treatments.

Be Gentle On Your Skin

Take it easy on your skin though ? harsh soaps tend to remove all the surface oil, making your skin produce even more oil. And over washing is a big no-no as it contributes to a process called reactive seborrhoea that once again stimulates excessive oil production.

And finally, try to avoid the things that can contribute to your oily skin. Ensure that your diet contains more veggies and proteins, and less saturated fat and carbohydrates. This will keep the oil production in moderation.

With regular, proper care ?your skin will begin to look much better than before. But remember, your oily skin treatment can only go so far and there is no magic formula that can keep your skin permanently oil-free. And the fact that with your oily skin type, you may not show the ageing signs as quickly as others will definitely put a smile on your face.

Oily Skin Treatment Tips, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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Rains Enterprise Announces New "Salty" Clothing Line and E ...

Technology Image

Melbourne, FL, September 28, 2012 ?( ?We wanted to offer high quality custom clothing to the people of Brevard County,? says Brandon Rains, founder of Rains Enterprise and Salty Clothing. ?We have situated ourselves to be prepared to take on any size order, whether it be just one custom t-shirt, two dozen shirts for a family reunion, sports team, or club, or a thousand shirt order for a local business or organization.?

Although there are many screen printing businesses throughout the country that people can order from, Rains Enterprise guarantees a business model that allows for hassle-free ordering, competitive pricing, a high level of communication, and a sense of community by keeping business local. ?We saw a need for a local printing business, so that money can stay in the area and the customer knows that what they?re getting is exactly what they wanted,? Rains says. ?We are using only high quality materials and the latest advances in printing technology to provide the best possible product to our customers.?

The Rains Enterprise e-commerce website is up and running at, where you can use the online tools to create exactly what you want on a product. Salty Clothing designs are available for sale on You can also call or fax in an order at (321) 806-4896, or stop into the warehouse to check out products being created by Brandon himself.

Rains Enterprise is located off of Viera Boulevard at 5595 Schenck Avenue, Suite 9; Rockledge, FL 32955.

Contact Information:
Rains Enterprise
Brandon Rains
Contact via Email

Click here to read the full story: Rains Enterprise Announces New ?Salty? Clothing Line and E-Commerce Website

Press Release Distributed by


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McMahon Won't Join Paul Ryan At Three Connecticut Fundraisers

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. ? Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon won?t be attending any of the three fundraisers in her state on Sunday featuring Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

?I?m not, only because I have scheduling conflicts,? McMahon told National Journal when asked whether she?ll be on hand for any of those events with Ryan.

McMahon, running in a state where President Obama is popular, insisted she is not trying to avoid being tied too closely to the House Budget Committee chairman, or to Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee. But she also said that she is an ?independent thinker,? unafraid to differ with her party?s leaders.

Meanwhile, Andrew Roraback, another Connecticut Republican locked in a hotly contested race ? this one for an open congressional seat ? said Thursday night in a message sent to National Journal via his Blackberry that, ?At this point a very busy campaign schedule in the district makes it unlikely I will make Ryan fundraisers.?

On the stump in western and central Connecticut, Roraback has been aggressively trying to distance himself from the House GOP?s controversial budgets formulated under Ryan, R-Wis., including their strategies to transform Medicare into a voucher program and cut billions of dollars from social programs. Roraback tells voters he would not have voted for any of the Ryan budgets.

Ryan?s appearances Sunday in West Hartford, Darien and Greenwich are yet another reflection of Connecticut?s role as one of the main ATMs for fundraising, for both parties.

But the appearances come as the top of the GOP ticket also appears to loom as a potential major drag for down-ticket Connecticut Republicans like McMahon and Roraback. Polls in the state show Obama with commanding leads over Romney. One such poll this week by Public Policy Polling showed Obama with a 13-point lead, 54 percent to 41 percent. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

McMahon?s Senate opponent, Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy, and Roraback?s Democratic foe, Elizabeth Esty, were both preparing to pounce on Ryan?s visit to their state.

Already, they were scheduled to join Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., and state Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo in a telephone conference call on Friday. The aim, according to an announcement, was to highlight ?the troubling statements and policies put forth? by Ryan, McMahon and the GOP ?that would undermine the Social Security safety net and end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher program.?

On Thursday, Murphy jumped on news that McMahon had told a public forum sponsored by the tea party in April that she believed in "sunset provisions" and periodic reviews for major programs like Social Security. He told listeners during an appearance at a senior center that that meant she wants to phase out Social Security.

In the later interview Thursday with National Journal, McMahon denied that was her meaning. She said that what she intended to convey was only that the Social Security program should be periodically reviewed, to determine what must be done to keep it adequately funded, but not with an eye toward letting the program expire.

?What I really meant by that is we just have to have checkpoints in it, so that we are reviewing policy that is so heavily economic, and what we need to keep funding,? she said. She said the notion that she wants Congress to phase out the program is ?absolutely not? what she meant by the use of the word ?sunset.?

As for her not attending any of the fundraisers on Sunday featuring Ryan, McMahon said she is not trying to distance herself from her party?s national ticket. But she then suddenly offered, ?You know, I?m an independent thinker. I do differ from my party on some issues.?

She noted that, ?on the issue of pro-choice or pro-life, I?m pro-choice.? She also said ?there will be votes where I won?t be voting with my party.?

Asked directly whether she was worried about whether the top of the ticket could be hurting her own chances in November, she said only: ?I can tell you I?m running my campaign in Connecticut. And I?m really focused and centered on the people in Connecticut.?




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How To Choose The Best Institution Offering A Barista Course

What is the world's most widely consumed drug? If you are thinking that it may be a painkiller or antibiotic, you cannot be more wrong. The answer to this question may actually surprise you: the world's most popular drug is caffeine. And this has been made possible thanks to the overwhelming love of the world's citizens for coffee.

There are many ways to make coffee: you can simply dissolve some instant mixes into a cup of hot water or you can go all the way and use complicated espresso machines and brew the perfect cup of java at a specific temperature. If you want to be a coffee guru, there are many ways to learn. You can just apply as a barista in a small coffee shop and learn on the job and you can also read books or other guides available on the Internet. But if you want in-depth training from the pros, the best way is to enrol yourself in a barista course.

In Australia, there are many schools that offer training for people who want to learn more about making good coffee. Because of the large number of choices, selecting the best school for your purposes may become a little tricky. So how do you find the best training institution for you?

The first thing that you should look into when checking out barista schools is the qualification of the school's trainers. The best way to learn about making coffee is to be taught by someone from the business and who is still active as a barista. A practicing barista makes for a good trainer because he or she is more likely to possess the necessary expertise as well as knowledge on the latest trends in coffee making. Besides their current involvement in the business, also try to check the trainers' achievements: have they had any success in managing cafes or have they participated in or even won barista competitions?

The barista course coffee enthusiasts enrol in should also be able to produce successful graduates, so make sure that you check on the status of the school's past students. This way, you can determine which schools are simply offering barista courses as a commercial endeavour and which ones are committed to producing graduates that are successful in the field.

Finally, the barista course students choose should also come with an up-to-date curriculum and the right format. If you simply want to learn the basics of coffee making, a half-day demonstration may be enough for you. However, those who want a more comprehensive training should opt for a full course that is more hands-on.

But if you want in-depth training from the pros, the best way is to check out


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Ecommerce Impact Of Web Development: | home ...

26 Sep 2012

Author: sed | Filed under: Ideas

The impact of e-commerce web is having an extensive impact on all areas of human endeavor and thought. In the past, access to information was through traditional channels such as newspapers, books, magazines and television. Since the introduction of the Internet, the possibility of searching ?on the fly? is replacing the channels and the speed at which the information can be accessed. Consumers are facing a lot of options and can make more informed decisions as a result. This not only shapes preferences of consumers and sociological trends, which shortens the product life cycle and provides more power to the consumer group.

Social networking is a phenomenon that has arisen due to the growth of the Internet and because of the impact of the Internet. With review sites and Internet message boards offering free channels to discuss political and business products, consumers now have a framework to investigate and make decisions more informed consumer. This affects companies that traditionally neglected consumer feedback. As people become more informed and more rapidly, companies must be more responsive to consumer demands or risk losing market share to organizations that are more sensitive.

The impact of ecommerce website site needs now faster and more robust functional teams to handle broadband speeds and data transfer. As infrastructure amounts to meet the needs of the means of transmission, the new software, hardware and components are required to meet the demands of modern surfing. This has shortened the life cycle of home users are now built times to new, more advanced machines accelerating at an unprecedented rate.

The impact of e-commerce web is spreading to all industries and sectors. Companies that have traditionally operated under a brick and mortar structure are now finding that competition is emerging in the virtual space. Faster, more efficient and cost structures are transforming organizations and creating a dimensional change in the way we do business. Online banking is the replacement of staff in customer service in the banking sector and utilities and to actively promote paying bills via the Internet. The basic needs of every day can be done electronically, including basic business requirements. This frees up time and improves the quality of life for all participants.

Regardless of the industry in which they work, the impact of singapore ecommerce is here to stay. As new and more efficient processes are developed, companies migrate their operations and adapt their business models to resonate with the target audience. The pace of development will continue in the coming years.

Download  Ecommerce Impact Of Web Development: wallpaper pictureDownload Ecommerce Impact Of Web Development: | Picture source


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"Fifty Shades of Grey" sparks marketing mania

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wildly popular erotica trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey" has inspired publishers, record labels, sex shops, and even crafty parents to submit - to the desire to cash in, that is.

The trio of novels by British writer E.L. James that has so far sold 32 million copies in the United States has spawned a legion of fans clamoring for anything and everything Grey-related. And businesses are aiming to meet that demand.

Manhattan sex shop Babeland co-founder Claire Cavanah said after the final book in the trilogy was released in the United States in January, customers "were asking for specific toys that they had read about," but when the trilogy was re-released in April, "the product sales started to really spike."

Since then Cavanah noticed a sevenfold increase in demand for a particular sex toy featured in a sex scene between the book's two main characters, the dominant Christian Grey and ing?nue Anastasia Steele. Riding crops, restraints, blindfolds, and spanking powder have also been popular.

The store also sells special "Fifty Shades" kits and hosts "Fifty Shades"-themed workshops that teach the mostly female attendees how to use the sex toys, but Cavanah said that wasn't the only curiosity - "They also just want to get together and see each other."

Fans have also been offered "Fifty Shades"-themed fashions, accommodations, and more recently, an official music album.

"Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album," featuring Bach and Chopin, is the only spin-off item James has so far endorsed.

Released by EMI with tracks James personally selected, it debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. classical charts in September. The album resulted after another "Fifty Shades" compilation series hit No. 1 in July on iTunes, said EMI Classics Vice President Wendy Ong, "and she (James) noticed, and we started talking."

Asked about the other spin-off products at the New York album launch, James told reporters, "All of this has been a huge shock to my system. If people want this stuff, why not? If we can get it out there to people, then ... that's a good thing."


Yet some eyebrows have been raised at other efforts by entrepreneurs, including one British hotel that replaced its nightstand Bibles with copies of "Fifty Shades," with the Damson Dene Hotel owner Jonathan Denby telling Reuters that the hotel wanted to provide "something that people actually want to read."

Even baby clothes have been subjected to the marketing blitz. One Toronto couple emblazoned baby onesies with sayings like "9 months ago my mommy read 50 Shades of Grey" and "All Mommy wanted was a night with Mr. Grey."

The feedback has been mixed, but seller Kyle Lawley said that he and his wife had been surprised by strong sales. "Some people say 'it's taboo, I'd never put my kid in that,' and others say it's clever, it's funny, it's humorous," he said.

Publishers are also looking to cash in on the trend. Penguin's "Diary of a Submissive: A Modern True Tale of Sexual Awakening," has been marketed by directly comparing it to "Fifty Shades", which was initially self-published on the Internet.

Other publishers, such as those of racier versions of literary classics such as "Jane Eyre", and "Sherlock Holmes", say the link is less transparent.

A new version of "Wuthering Heights" will be released in October featuring Catherine and Heathcliff engaging in bondage.

The books publisher, Total-E-Bound founder Claire Siemaszkiewicz, said James' series made it easier for sexed-up books to gain a market foothold, but dismissed criticism that the classics have been sullied, saying they have been brought "to a new generation of reader."

A "Fifty Shades" movie is also in the works, but James has vowed she will not write any more books for the series. Still, her next book should whet fiction fans' appetites.

"It's an erotic tale, yeah. That's all I'm going to say about it," she said coyly.

(Additional reporting by Alicia Powell, Editing by Christine Kearney and Richard Chang)


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State renews effort to remove ineligible voters (tbo)

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National Hockey: Holders Haryana through to quarters

Bangalore, Sep 26

Defending champions Haryana drew 2-2 with Maharashtra to confirm their entry into the quarter-finals of the senior Men's National Hockey championship here Wednesday.

Haryana, who won their previous three league matches, thus topped Pool A with an unbeaten record. India stars Bharat Chikkara and Sardar Singh scored for Haryana while Maharashtra replied through Narad Bahadur and Irshad Mirza.

In Pool H, Association of Combined Universities, courtesy a last-gasp goal by Gurpreet Singh, drew 1-1 with Bihar while Sashastra Seema Dal opened their campaign with a 16-0 drubbing of Goa with Kishore Lakra scoring four goals.

Hosts Karnataka romped to a 21-0 win against Mizoram in a meaningless Pool B match that only showed up the huge disparity among teams.

The results:

Pool A: Haryana 2 (Bharat Chhikkara 1, Sardar Singh 1) drew with Maharashtra 2 (Narad Bahadur 1, Irshad Mirza 1).

Group B: Delhi 5 (Avatar Singh Mann 1, Pawan Singh Chouhan 2, Abhishek 1, Mohit 1) beat Himachal Pradesh 3 (Rajesh Kumar 1, Sarabjit Singh 1, Balram Kumar 1).

Karnataka 21 (K Laldintluanga (OG), SK Uthappa 3, Mohan Muthana 5, MK Mudappa 7, Somana KM 2, PL?Thimmanna 1, MB?Aiyappa 1, Nikin Thimmaiah 1) beat Mizoram 0.

Group D: Sashastra Seema Bal 14 (Pradeep Kumar Singh 3, Kishore Lakra 4, Ajit Singh 2, Joychandra Singh 1, Surchandra Singh 1, L Suresh Singh 1, Noacha Singh 1, Romi Kumar Singh 1) beat Goa 0.

Pool H: Manipur 16 (Jayant Kumar 4, Chittaranjan Singh 3, Ganbama 2, Romen Singh 2, Hera Singh 1, Amarjit Singh 1, Kiran Kumar Singh 1, Abung Singh 1, Dayananda Singh 1) beat Andaman and Nicobar 0.

Bihar 1 (Mohd Riazuddin 1) drew with Association of Indian Universities 1 (Gurpreet Singh 1).


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fred Willard, Ed Begley Jr., Michael McKean join Christopher guest's HBO comedy


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Suicide car bomb kills 4 schoolchildren in Iraq

BAGHDAD (AP) ? A suicide car bomb went off near a school in Iraq's western Anbar province on Monday, killing four children, officials said.

The car exploded in the center of the town of Hit, 140 kilometers (85 miles) west of Baghdad, shortly after a police patrol passed by, said Mohammed Fathi, a provincial spokesman. He said six children were also wounded in the blast.

The bombing came a day after the start of the new school year in Iraq.

Mohammed Abdul-Munim, the administrator of Hit who confirmed the casualties, said the initial investigations indicated the school was not the primary target of the attack but the police, most likely.

"Yet, once again, innocent people are paying the price for terrorist acts," said Abdul-Munim.

Violence has ebbed in Iraq, but insurgents still carry out frequent attacks on civilians and security forces in an attempt to shake the trust in the Shiite-led government.


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yahoo CEO fleshes out plans, new CFO named

New Yahoo Inc CEO Marissa Mayer laid out broad goals for the Internet giant in her first companywide address Tuesday, and received an enthusiastic reception from a workforce that has faced years of uncertainty and management turmoil.

Mayer mainly sketched broad visions rather than concrete details for her turnaround strategy, according to several people familiar with what was said in the tightly controlled meeting.

But her personal credibility as a long-time senior Google Inc executive, combined with some recent morale-boosting moves such as providing new iPhones and free food for employees, have had a dramatic and positive impact on the "vibe" at the company, one of the people said.

Speaking at Yahoo's Sunnyvale, California headquarters, Mayer stressed the importance of personalizing Yahoo's Web services and adapting the company's products to mobile devices, AllThingsD reported. Although her speech touched on frequently mentioned industry themes, Mayer's delivery nonetheless won spontaneous applause from the workforce, according to a second person with knowledge of the company meeting.

"It was some of the same types of lines that had been said before, but people believe it now," said the person, who declined to be identified because the information is private.

After a steady stream of occasionally embarrassing reports, Yahoo in recent months has clamped down firmly on leaks to the press. Attendees at Tuesday's assembly were instructed to shut their laptops during Mayer's address.

Yahoo declined repeated requests for comment.

Mayer first presented her strategy to Yahoo's board in meetings last week, outlining plans to bring back advertisers and expand the company's user base, said a third source, who declined to be identified because the information was not public.

Yahoo also announced that it appointed as its new chief financial officer Ken Goldman, formerly CFO at cybersecurity software firm Fortinet.

The appointment comes two months after Yahoo's board tapped Mayer to restore a household Internet name overshadowed by rivals like Facebook Inc and Google in recent years.

Yahoo remains one of the world's most popular websites, with more than 700 million monthly visitors who use products like its email service and read its news pages, according to the company. But Yahoo's revenue has stagnated as online display advertising prices have fallen and as it faces competition from Facebook and Google.

Mayer, Yahoo's third CEO in about a year, arrived after a tumultuous period in the company in which former CEO Scott Thompson resigned after less than 6 months on the job over a controversy over his academic credentials. Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang had also stepped down as CEO, and an internal reorganization eliminated thousands of jobs.

Mayer's latest hire, Goldman, replaces Tim Morse, who served last year as interim Yahoo CEO while the company underwent another episode of leadership turmoil.

Boost morale, scant details
Since taking the helm, Mayer has sought to boost morale at the nearly two-decade-old Internet company, eliminating corporate bureaucracy and introducing perks such as free cafeteria food and state-of-the-art smartphones for employees that are standard fare at other Silicon Valley Web companies.

But Mayer has so far offered scant details about her plan to revive revenue growth and to expand its audience - a challenge that has frustrated a string of her predecessors as well as countless shareholders.

Many analysts and investors believe Mayer will renew Yahoo's focus on Web technology and products rather than beefing up online content, as appeared to be the mission during interim CEO Ross Levinsohn's brief tenure.

That has raised concerns among some investors that Mayer will embark on an expensive acquisition spree.

Mayer assuaged some of those fears last week when Yahoo closed the sale of half of its stake in Chinese Internet company Alibaba Group. Yahoo said it would give shareholders $3 billion of the deal's $4.3 billion in after-tax proceeds.

(c) Copyright Thomson Reuters 2012. Check for restrictions at:


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Video: The deadly first? real close encounter of 'Halo 4'

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Update: FSU fans line up early for ESPN's College GameDay

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Grumbling over maps fails to dampen Apple iPhone 5 fever

LONDON/TOKYO (Reuters) - Apple fans queued around city blocks worldwide on Friday to get their hands on the new iPhone 5 - but grumbling about inaccurate maps tempered the excitement.

The new smartphone went on sale across the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia, with mobile carriers reporting record demand that looked likely to stretch Apple's supply capacity.

"It looks like another strong opening day for Apple. They should sell more iPhone 5s than any prior model," said BTIG analyst Walt Piecyk. Apple shares gained 0.8 percent reaching, a high of $704.67 in morning trading in New York.

Apple booked more than 2 million orders for the device in the first 24 hours, double the first-day sales of the previous iPhone, the 4S.

Some analysts expect Apple to sell up to 10 million iPhone 5 models in the remaining days of September. JP Morgan estimates the phone could provide a $3.2 billion boost to the U.S. economy in the fourth quarter - a boost almost equal to the whole economy of Fiji.

Apple's rival and component supplier, Samsung Electronics Co, moved to spoil the party, saying it plans to add the iPhone 5 to its existing patent lawsuits against Apple.

As Apple began delivering its coveted new phone, struggling competitor Research in Motion, which makes the BlackBerry, had to admit that it was once again having service problems in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The iPhone 5 has a larger, 4-inch screen and is slimmer and lighter than the previous model. It supports faster 4G mobile networks and also comes with a number of software updates, including Apple's new in-house maps feature, which is based on Dutch navigation equipment and digital map maker TomTom's map data.

But not everyone was impressed. Some users criticized the maps feature for a number of geographical errors, missing information, and a lack of features.

And not everyone benefits from Apple's success.

Hundreds of French iPhone fans lining up at Apple's main store in Paris got an earful from disgruntled employees and former retailers protesting against Apple policies.

Marching in front of the Paris store were about 20 former staffers of independent Apple distributors that closed after struggling to compete with Apple's own stores. Joining them were three employees of the Apple store striking to protest Apple's refusal to offer staffers meal vouchers and a yearly bonus of an extra month's pay - perks that are standard for many French workers.


Still, Apple stores worldwide drew crowds of customers.

Hundreds of people lined up around the block at Apple's store on New York City's swanky Fifth Avenue.

Kadijah Perez, 26, a Bronx resident, had not heard about the map issues. She said she wanted to use the phone for navigation, adding, "Hopefully, they'll just fix it."

Further south in Annapolis, Maryland, customers settled in lawn chairs waiting for the Apple store in Westfield Annapolis Mall to open. A man walking by quipped: "I'm beginning to believe (Mitt) Romney. The economy is bad. People are starving."

Waiting in line for anything was a first for Annapolis local Robert Delarosa, 37, who skipped buying the iPhone 4 due to bad reviews but is now tired of his iPhone 3GS.

"I'm stuck with this old 3GS, a Flintstone phone," he said.

In London's central Regent Street, about 1,300 people lined up to buy the iPhone 5, nearly twice as many as showed up for the previous iPhone.

A spokesman for Vodafone UK said the iPhone 5 "is both the fastest and biggest selling iPhone to date on our network. Pre-order sales are up more than 50 percent compared to the iPhone 4S."

In Germany, 19-year-old musician Okan Yasin had waited since lunchtime on Thursday to be at the front of the queue at the Frankfurt Apple shop. Proudly holding a sign saying "Ich bin Nummer 1" (I am Number 1), he said:

"I just need to have it. I know that the new iPhone from a new features perspective hardly has anything extra to offer. But I just needed to be here. It's the hype, man!"

In Australia, about 600 people queued around the block at the Apple store in Sydney, the first in the world to hand over an iPhone 5 to a buyer. Customers were limited to buying a maximum of two phones.

In Tokyo, the lines stretched back several blocks.

"It's thin and light. I've used Samsung before, but the operation, the feeling, of the iPhone is better," said Wataru Saito, a semiconductor engineer who had been queuing in Tokyo since mid-afternoon on Thursday - with his suitcase, as he had a flight to catch on Friday.

In Hong Kong, people carrying rucksacks filled with cash waited outside the city's main Apple store, hoping to snap up phones for resale. Staff there chanted "iPhone 5, iPhone 5."

Most of those waiting were fans already hooked on Apple's earlier iPhones and best-selling iPad tablet computers.

"I feel like if I leave it at home, I go a bit crazy," said James Vohradsky, a 20-year-old student who queued for 17 hours with his sister. "I can't do my normal day without it."

Vohradsky said the iPhone 5's lack of a mobile payment chip was "a bit of a letdown". Apple did not embed Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, used to turn cellphones into mobile wallets, into the new smartphone.

Vohradsky was less bothered by Apple's decision to drop the wide dock connector used in the company's gadgets for the best part of a decade in favor of a smaller one, a move that some critics say adds to costs for users, who will have to buy an adaptor for speakers and other accessories.


There was also concern that not enough new phones were available to meet demand.

Softbank and Singtel, Singapore's biggest mobile phone operator, said demand for the iPhone 5 had exceeded previous offerings from Apple and there was worry Apple would not be able to keep up.

Japanese carrier KDDI Corp said it had already run out of the new phone, and Australia's Telstra Corp Ltd reported online orders sold out in a record 18 hours. Telstra said it was discussing bi-weekly restocking with Apple.

Apple plans to sell the new phone in 100 countries by the end of the year, ramping up competition in a smartphone market that has already reached fever pitch.

Samsung and Apple are locked in a patent battle in 10 countries and the stakes are high as the two vie for the top spot in the booming smartphone market.

Apple is up against phones that run on Google Inc's Android software, which has become the most-used mobile operating system in the world, while Samsung has taken the lead in smartphone sales.

The iPhone is Apple's highest-margin product and accounts for half of its annual revenue.

(Additional reporting by Thuy Ong in Sydney, Venus Wu and Stefanie McIntyre in Hong Kong, Kevin Lim in Singapore and Poornima Gupta in San Francisco, Harro Ten Wolde in Frankfurt, Gwenaelle Barzic in Paris and Kate Holton in London, Sinead Carew in New York and Medina Roshan in Annapolis.; Editing by Angus MacSwan and John Wallace)


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Friday, September 21, 2012

Dazzling Diamonds For Those Special Moments In Life

One of the most exciting times for any woman is when they are proposed to. The first thing that all friends and family look at is what kind of engagement ring she has received. Women love to look at these kinds of rings as there are so many different styles and looks that one can get from these kinds of gemstones. Diamonds can come in all different types of sizes and shapes and is a universal stone that signifies an engagement. These rings can come with just diamonds of a different carat weight or a single solitaire surrounded with colored gemstones. Traditionally most engagement rings are made with just diamonds alone but in today?s modern world there are no set standards that one must follow.

Selecting an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases that a groom will make. Some men prefer to go and pick out the ring on their own so they can make it a surprise while others prefer to make it a special night for the proposal but would rather take his bride to the retailer and make a selection together.

There are a few things to keep in mind when one is thinking about purchasing diamonds. If a diamond is more than a carat in weight and also a solitaire, there are some factors that one should consider before purchasing. These gemstones can come in many colors and some are made famous by movie stars that have purchased spectacular colored diamonds for their marriage proposals. Their rarity makes them super expensive to purchase especially if the stone is above one carat in weight.

When one is thinking about buying a larger sized diamond one should keep in mind that jeweler?s will always have the four c?s in mind when it comes to grading any kind of diamond. All four of these factors judge how much one will pay for the stone and it is important to know what one is paying for. The first would be ?clarity? of the stone as nothing spoils the dazzle of a diamond than a cloudy stone. Secondly would be the carat size of the gemstone as the bigger it gets the more expensive it will be. The third factor would be the cut of the stone as a diamond that is not cut correctly will be totally worthless. Lastly, coloring of the stone is very important as some stones have a ?muddy? look to them that takes away any of the brightness diamonds generally have.

Designing any diamond ring can be a real treat for the individual that likes to be creative. Many women will put together a bunch of loose stones and turn it into a ring, necklace or pendant. This could be a copulation of gemstones from her husband and children which would hold a significant meaning. Another great idea would be an item with diamonds and rubies for a milestone birthday present. Imagine the look in her eyes when she sees the sparkle and shine on that ring for the very first time.

There are others who love simplicity and would love to have a beautiful diamond eternity ring. This all time classic ring will never lose their sparkle and will forever be a timeless piece that she will adore. These kinds of rings have also be colored diamonds combined with any other gemstone that one might want to have. Diamonds will never lose their dazzling effect and one can see why they are treasured and worn all the time.

Diamonds can be custom designed with many designers for the individual that wants a special and different look that these kinds of gemstones can provide.

Colored diamonds can be used for many occasions and are stunning alone or combined with other gemstones. Many love the being original and different when it comes to their personal jewelry line. These types of stones can certainly present an original style for the owner.


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Everyone Outdoors: Recreating Oneself Via Recreation - Posies ...

I met Posie Mansfield at our horseback riding program last month and was amazed by her end-of-the-summer adventures. Within the week she had been kayaking, surfing and horseback riding, and was aglow with stories of her recent outings. Embracing recreation has clearly helped her transform her life in a positive direction after suffering two major losses. I was delighted when she agreed to share her story and I hope she will inspire others to find new ways to enjoy life. Thanks?for your Guest Post Posie and for all you do to help others find their way! In late December of 2010, I developed a serious and near-fatal staph infection in my left knee, the same knee that?had a total knee replacement in May of that same year. My doctor tried IV antibiotics, but there came a time when it became a choice between losing my life or losing my leg. There really wasn't much of a choice. My children and I met with my surgeon, and on January 5, 2011, they amputated my left leg above the knee. Just a month earlier, in late November, my husband of 46 years died suddenly and tragically from a massive heart attack. I thought my life was over. Losing him left me with my heart broken and my life forever changed.

Instead of seeing the loss of my leg as another tragedy, I decided to see it as an opportunity, a chance to start a new chapter, to rewrite my future and travel a new journey. Never having chosen this path or surely never expecting it, I had to make a decision to do one of two things. I could either retreat into myself, sit alone for the rest of my life, or pull myself up, head held high looking ahead, not back, and push myself to take on my life's challenges with as much strength, dignity and grace that I could muster. Quitting was never an option.

Since losing my leg, I am now stronger, healthier and more active physically than I ever dreamed I could or would be. I miss my husband every day, but I have channeled that emotion by trying new adventures to honor his memory, taking on challenges like sailing, kayaking, rock wall climbing, skiing, horseback riding, skydiving and surfing. I have discovered a whole new world of adventures available to me through many organizations like Spaulding Rehab, DCR, Waypoint Adventures, New England Disabled Sports and more.

Last February, I led a group of amputees up to Loon Mountain in New Hampshire, where we were given the opportunity to ski on one ski, sit down while going downhill, or ski and snowboard wearing a prosthesis for those who were below the knee amputees. I tried tri skis -?one ski with two outriggers to help me balance. I had skied for many years as a member of the National Ski Patrol with my husband, so this was a particularly big triumph. Not only did I have past memories to comfort me, I was now making new ones to cherish forever. I am going back this winter to ski again.

I went kayaking a few weeks ago through a program offered through Spaulding Rehab.?It was a beautiful summer day in Topsfield, Massachusetts. I took my leg off and slipped into a sea kayak and paddled with a group down the Ipswich River for a two hour trip. I had previously paddled out at Walden Pond in Concord with the DCR Universal Access Program last summer, then again this year on the Charles River. Going kayaking is relaxing and has given me a chance to get back out on the water where I had spent many years growing up.

Through New England Disabled Sports and the Wounded Warrior Project, I was able to go surfing recently at Hampton Beach, NH when civilians were allowed to join veterans for a day of fun and excitement. Feeling the sea spray in my face was refreshing and exciting. Surfers and surf shops and dozens of volunteers all came together to make this a memorable day. What a great day of fun and making new memories!

Through DCR I have found many opportunities to have fun, recently going horseback riding at Bradley Palmer State Park in Topsfield. I wore my prosthesis and was able to mount and dismount easily. Although I would have liked to have been able to ride without a lead rein, I could understand the liability factor that made this necessary for the program. I grew up with horses, had my first pony at the age of 6, and always had a horse until I left home for college. As an experienced rider it was a bit tame for me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The staff were helpful and I was reminded of my years on my farm and a summer spent out west on ranches?in?Montana and Wyoming.
I found a pal to join me in taking on these adventures, another above-the-knee amputee. Together we search for websites and notices about activities to participate in. We are finding that there are more resources available now than ever before. These organizations keep the costs low so that they are accessible to just about everyone who wants to participate. My friend and I recently went out to Orange, MA, to go skydiving. At 13,000 feet, jumping tandem with an experienced instructor, I soared like an eagle, feeling free and light. After almost a minute of freefall, I pulled the ripcord and we floated to the ground. We are planning to go back this fall.
In all my adventures, my family has been right there by my side cheering me on. They know the heartache and grief that I have experienced, and while challenging myself can't bring my husband back, they understand that it serves to heal my heart. My kids know their Dad always pushed me to succeed, and that in accomplishing success I am honoring his memory in a very real way. They are happy for me as my life unfolds. My brother and sisters encourage me to keep my energy directed at the future. Without family I wouldn't have such a wonderful support system.

I lead an amputee support group out of Cornell Orthotics and Prosthetics in Beverly, MA, where I got my prosthesis. It has grown from 3 people last November to more than 30 amputees today. We meet monthly and I am constantly on the phone, visiting rehab centers, homes and hospitals, and looking for speakers. This is a wonderful opportunity to give something back and share my blessings. I am in charge of creating my own path, my own memories, my own destiny. I couldn't feel more blessed!

Posie can be reached at


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